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Help! I have spotted a cheat, and I want him banned!!!

Don't panic - help is at hand.

There are many ways of reporting a cheat, and contacting an admin.

Method 1 - Recording a demo and taking evidence to pass onto an admin.

The first option is to record a demo of the cheater in action.

This is done by typing record filename in the console.

To get into the console press the ` key top left under escape. for a filename, I suggest using either the cheaters name or STEAMID.

Make a screenshot of the cheaters STEAMID. This is a required part, as is the demo. Without it we have no hard evidence on which to ban this player. to see the wonid, bring down the console as before, and type status, then type snapshot. You will see some information like whats shown below.

The STEAMID is the second group of numbers next to the persons name, eg

"Pieter" 3519 STEAM_0:1:1234567

In this case "STEAM_0:1:1234567" is the STEAMID

Note- The gap where a STEAMid would be for the player beginning with hir is where my STEAMid would have been, naturally this is blanked out.The Hir name is not an alias of mine.


Method 2 - Contact an Admin Live in IRC

To report a suspected cheat you need to logon to irc.quakenet.org and go the the channel #uk2 . if you are unsure on how to use IRC on the Quakenet Network, or do not have IRC, see this guide.

To report the cheat, PM (also known as Query, whisper, etc) an op, they are the people who's names begin with an @, and are typically top of the names list.

The format we expect for reporting the cheat is for you to provide is with his Name, his STEAMid, the number of the server on which he is currently playing and why you think he is cheating.

It also help greatly if you record a demo of the cheat, incase he leaves before we get a chance to look at him.

Note: Spamming the channel will not get your query dealt with any faster, and will most likely involve you being kicked or banned from the IRC channel


More coming soon!