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Hi! Welcome to the Cyborg2 site, home of the UK2 counter-strike community. Why not take a moment and register on our forums
The Cyborg2 Team

Cyborg 2 Community News

Promotions and arrivals

As some of you will already know, the past month or so has seen changes of faces in the admin team.

First off we have the promotion of Grinchy, PJ and Timmeh to the head Admin team.

We also have the return of Fister, DareDevil, Cord, and Queeg, and Nels has passed his trial and now holds a full Player Admin status. Sorry to anyone I overlooked!

03 Aug 2006 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

Players Online broken
There is currently an issue with some automatically generated data on cyborg2.com, noteably the player graphs and the players online page. The problem has been identified and is awaiting resolution by UK2.
03 Aug 2006 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

RSS now available.
Anyone who has a news reader (FeedReader or even IE7) can now get our news via RSS, click the buttom near the top
20 Jul 2006 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

New hostnames

You might have noted overnight that the server hostanmes have altered.

We're currently going through a phase of regeneration, and felt that a bit of rebranding couldn't hurt too, so look for us under Cyborg2.com XXX Name powered by UK2.NET

20 Jul 2006 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

PsychoStats logins now available

The ability to 'login' to the stats is now available to all users.

We had some problems with users being able to create a login for thier identity as there's no plugin for adminmod for psychostats like there is with AMX, however I now have created a solution thanks to work done by Agent-r00tk1t.

When in game you can assign a username and password to login with, the commands are:

stats_username user

stats_password pass

replace user and pass with your own choice. please note this only works from HL1 based games, 011 to 142, not HL2 servers.

By creating a login you can view info about your stats, add profile data, etc. We can also designate clan administrators, so if you can prove to me you are the clan leader for your clan we'll set you up so you can manage that area of the stats aswell.

13 Oct 2005 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

Steam 3.0

An update for Steam was released earlier today which started off a series of updates that brings us 'Steam 3'

The interface has been given an overhaul, and now takes on a style much like the steampweored website. First impressions are good, however friends is 'under maintenance' (does that thing ever work???)

Click here for more info.

13 Oct 2005 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

Custom Maps

We have fixed the custom maps problem with UK2 and we now offer only one large map file for the custom maps of each game type.

At this point there are only two maps files for download - one for CS and one for CS:Source.

The links to the files are -

http://www.cyborg2.com/files/maps/uk2-all-cs.zip - CS Maps

http://www.cyborg2.com/files/maps/uk2-all-source.zip - CS:Source Maps

The Map files are quite large at 375meg and 800meg respectively, but this is due to the nature of the newer source maps that the file is this size.

13 Oct 2005 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

Server Rules Update

There has been a complete overhaul of the existing Cyborg2 Game Server Rules

Please see http://cyborg2.com/serverrules.php - they are effective immediately.

13 Oct 2005 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

New Servers

Following several requests now we offer an updated CZ server section including the following servers.

We now offer two BEGINNERS ONLY servers - - UK2 111 CSCZ Beginners Only - UK2 112 CSCZ Beginners Only

We also now offer a CZ based Pistols Only server - UK2 122 CSCZ [PISTOLS] (Currently on a Maps6 Rotation)

The CS:S Section has been updated also to offer the following two servers.

CS:S now has a Pistols Only server - - UK2 Source [PISTOLS] Only

We also now have a large 32 player Custom Maps Server - - [CUSTOM] Maps

Its rotation at the moment has the following maps on there -


And a Large Map Pack (400 Meg) is available to download from the following link - http://www.cyborg2.com/files/maps/packs/uk2-css.zip

13 Oct 2005 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

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