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Hi! Welcome to the Cyborg2 site, home of the UK2 counter-strike community. Why not take a moment and register on our forums
The Cyborg2 Team

Cyborg 2 Community News

Map changes on 291 and 313
Server 291 ( now has the following map rotation -


Server 313 ( is now running Assault. The hostname for 313 should update overnight. It is (for the moment) FFON.
03 Oct 2006 by Stormbringer[UK2]**

Server downtime

Due to essential rack maintenance, servers 011-224 are presently offline.  These servers are due to be up again towards the end of the week.

02 Oct 2006 by Timmeh[UK2]**

Vista RC1 released
As I posted earlier last month about the Pre-Rc1 release, the RC1 release is now with us (and downloading as I type). Hopefully this should provide a fully useble 'polished' beta given the not so distant release date Vista has.
10 Sep 2006 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

Community gather night (16th September)

On Saturday the 16th September from 8pm, there will be a community gather.

It's open to everyone so please invite your friends along off your steam lists.

It will take place on server: CYBORG2.COM -091- UK2GATHER SERVER (

Starting off will be some d2, inferno etc then we'll move onto some cpl stuff then maybe some less known maps. This is open to suggestions so have a think about what you'd like to play on.

If you are unfamiliar with playing in gathers have a look [Here]

Make sure you have IRC, are on quakenet and are authed (+r) and able to join channel #uk2gather, once in there anyone with a @ before thier name can give you a hand if you have any questions/problems etc.

To read some more info on irc and how to get it working have a look [Here]

The more people we get the better fun we will have so please try and make it, thanks all.

The gather night will be organised by gather admin Hunt. Please sign up to the forums and see the thread about this [Here]

10 Sep 2006 by Agent-r00tk1t[UK2]**

NOTICE: Servers 021/022. Hardware issues.
As some people probably noticed tonight. 021/022 were underperforming (reports of 500 pings). Upon investigation it seems there is a hardware problem causing the CPU to overheat and thus the server is dropping its clock speed. At the lower speed, it cannot maintain 1 full server, let alone 2.

Players for 021 (de_dust) should use server 074 (
Players for 022 (de_dust2) should use server 302 (

This will be the case for the forseeable future. Both of these servers are the same configuration as those on 021/022, but will most likely not suffer the lag problems often seen on 021/022 during peak times. So it might well be worth keeping these servers in your favourites permenantly.
08 Sep 2006 by Agent-r00tk1t[UK2]**

NEW: Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne server

This new server can be found on: CYBORG2.COM -123- [WC3] WARCRAFT3 FT - Powered by UK2.NET

All the usual stuff you'd expect on a WC3 CS server. XP saved. Give it a go :)

28 Aug 2006 by Agent-r00tk1t[UK2]**

IE7 RC1/Vista 5536 released

MS have released the next build of IE7 today, RC1. See http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/downloads/default.mspx for downloads.

I've been using IE7 for some time now, and been very impressed so far. I particularily like the Quicktabs function. For those of you wishing to start an IE v's Firefox debate, don't bother, I don't care

Also anyone 'lucky' enough to be on the Vista beta programme, Build 5536 was released on connect last night. I'm not sure if it's the same build that will be known offciailly as 'RC1' but I don't think it is as that's not due till mid September.

25 Aug 2006 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

F.E.A.R Download

If your having problems finding a good mirror to download fear, we now have it hosted locally.


Visit http://www.joinfear.com for a keycode. Enjoy

24 Aug 2006 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

New F.E.A.R servers and Playersonline fixed

There are now 6 F.E.A.R servers online: CYBORG2.COM -221- TEAMDM - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -222- CTF - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -223- CONQUER - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -224- ELIM - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -231- CTF - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -232- DM - Powered by UK2.NET

Feel free to check them out. Also please note the players online should now function correctly.

21 Aug 2006 by Agent-r00tk1t[UK2]**


A spot of irony that arrived just a few moments ago which I thought I'd share.

[TAG] Admin tag used by STEAM_0:1:XXXXXX on 021 (OwNeD[UK2]*) (player removed)


07 Aug 2006 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

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