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Hi! Welcome to the Cyborg2 site, home of the UK2 counter-strike community. Why not take a moment and register on our forums
The Cyborg2 Team

Cyborg 2 Community News

Comment spam

Hopefully I have now eliminated the comment spam via the joys of image verification (it was either that or we made everyone register ). The layout isn't how i want it but I'm short on time as ever.

Death to spam bots!

10 May 2007 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

UK2 'Blob' blog
UK2 have launched thier own blog recently, located here ( http://blog.uk2.net ) giving insight into the 'new UK2', offers and updates.
05 Apr 2007 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

Stats update

I'm back - "Yey!" i hear you all cry (or maybe not )

Anyways, PsychoStats 3 is out, so I've upgraded and setup the stats to actually update on the servers we have. Sadly there was no upgrade option so it's all fresh and clean so you will need to re register. There will obviously be a preriod of fine tuning whilst adjusting clan tag's etc, but that aside go forth and enjoy.

17 Feb 2007 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

Happy New Year
Happy Near Year to everyone, best wishes for 2007 from the cyborg2.com admin team.
01 Jan 2007 by Timmeh[UK2]**

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas all, from the admin team here at UK2
25 Dec 2006 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

Network update from UK2

With regards to yesterdays problems (if you experienced any)


Dear UK2 Customer,

You may have experienced some network accessibility issues yesterday, if so I
would like to take this opportunity to explain what happened.

UK2 were the victim of an incident called "IP Hijacking" which means that
another organisation (an Indonesian ISP in fact) stole a part of the IP address space
which belonged to UK2.  This is a very rare occurrence and is due to the
unrestricted nature and varying levels of security in some parts of the
internet (read more at:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_hijacking).    The
impact was that some customers traffic was routed incorrectly, causing sporadic
network downtime, delays and in a minority of cases the loss of data.

May I apologise for this inconvenience and re-assure that you that the UK2 team
worked extremely hard to identify and rectify this problem, and all services
were fully operational and back to normal last night.  We also took immediate
action to reinforce our network even further.

I would like to re-iterate that everything is now under control and that all
services are fully operational and back to normal.

If you have any further questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact
our support team by raising a ticket via

Kind regards

Ditlev Bredahl

Managing Director, UK2

30 Nov 2006 by Ap0kalipSe[UK2]**

Server Downtime.
A minor update on the server situation.

The downtime is likely to last another two weeks - at least. We'll let you know of any further updates as we get them.
01 Nov 2006 by Stormbringer[UK2]**

Yahoo Mail
Due to the high level of spam we recieve from yahoo accounts; community members contacting us will no longer be able to do so via yahoo e-mail addresses.
19 Oct 2006 by Stormbringer[UK2]**

Updated server listing

We've recently changed some of the server assignments due to the prolonged downtime of the majority of the servers. Here is the revised list with those changed/added in bold: CYBORG2.COM -231- [WC3] WARCRAFT3 FT - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -232- SCOUTZKNIVES [GRAVITY] - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -241- KNIVES ONLY [GRAVITY] - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -242- UK2GATHER SERVER - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -251- AIM MAPS - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -252- ASSAULT UPC - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -261- CLIMBING SERVER - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -262- SURF SERVER - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -271- CLAN [UK2] DUST ONLY SERVER - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -272- CLAN [Grrr] SERVER - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -281- [CSDM] CS DEATHMATCH MEGA - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -291- 8 MAP ROTATION - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -292- ITALY ROTATION - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -301- FUN ALLINONE - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -302- DUST2 - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -311- [PISTOLS] - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -312- PLAYGROUND X - POOLDAY - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -313- ASSAULT ONLY - Powered by UK2.NET - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -321- SUPERHERO MOD - Powered by UK2.NET CYBORG2.COM -322- AWP MAPS - Powered by UK2.NET

19 Oct 2006 by Agent-r00tk1t[UK2]**

Update on server downtime.
The long and short of it is - there is no update. The servers were expected to be back online over the weekend but as you can tell they are still offline.

In the meantime; the following is a list of the current servers we have online - (DUST) (CLAN Grrr) (CSDM) (8 MAP ROTATION) (ITALY ROTATION) (FUN ALLINONE) (DUST2) (PISTOLS) (POOLDAY) (ASSAULT) (ROOTYS TESTING GROUND - SUPERHERO) (AWP MAPS)
09 Oct 2006 by Stormbringer[UK2]**

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